GEOL 2469 Topographic Analysis

Subject: GEOL
Catalog Number: 2469
Number of Credits: 3

Topographic analysis: Landscape topography can reveal valuable information about the processes, evolution, and external conditions that formed a landscape. This class will introduce students to different methods of topographic analysis and the information they can provide. It will include examination of algorithms for analysis of digital elevation models (DEMs), ways for filtering DEMs for features of interest, and analysis of different topographic attributes and how they relate to factors such as climate, tectonics, and anthropogenic modifications. Methods will be executed and developed using Matlab and ArcGis. The class will focus on the analysis of a specific environment (the specific environment/s will vary from year to year and may include: urban areas, mountain-ranges, Arctic vs Tropical topography etc.). It will use the analyses methods we will learn, together with literature on this specific environment to explore questions regarding the topographic characteristics and environmental conditions that prevail in this environment. Knowledge of Arc GIS and Matlab required.