GEOL 2520 Radiogenic Isotope Geology and Geochronology

Subject: GEOL
Catalog Number: 2520
Number of Credits: 3

Isotope ratios are used as tracers and geochronological tools for a wide range of applications in geology, hydrology, oceanography, biology, cosmochemistry, and other fields. In this course, the student will be introduced to isotope systematics (including mass dependent fractionation, radioactive decay, generation of cosmogenic nuclides, and nucleosynthesis) and will go into depth on applications ranging from determining absolute ages of earth materials to planetary evolution to tracing nutrient fluxes in ecosystems. Specific topics covered will depend in part on the interests of the students. Advanced undergraduates may enroll with the permission of the instructor.

Offered alternate years. Lecture, 3 hours.

Course prerequisites