Emily Glick


Emily Glick
200 SRCC
4107 O'Hara Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260



I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Geological Science from Ohio State University in 2008.  While at Ohio State I worked in Dr. Panero's High Pressure Mineral Physics Lab, in an Ocean Sediment Lab with Dr. Rashid in the BYRD Polar Research Center, and I also interned with ODOT in the geotechnical engineering department.   After graduating, I  moved to Pittsburgh to work as a Geoscientist at the Environmental Consulting firm Tetra Tech.  I worked at Tetra Tech for five years on government, private, and oil and gas projects, mainly by providing hydrogeological support.  I left Tetra Tech and started as an Operations/ Development Geologist at EQT in 2013.  At EQT, I am responsible for geosteering, preparing geologic information for well permits, and various mapping projects.  


I earned my "Professional Geologist" license with the State of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2014 (I had passed the Fundamentals of Geology exam in 2010).  I would be happy to talk about my work experiences or the PG exam, just email me!  


I started the Master's Program part-time with the Department in the fall of 2012.  I am working with Professor Dan Bain to characterize Oriskany sandstone and Marcellus shale produced waters and try to determine if there is any mixing in areas like Jefferson County, PA.