Daniel Bain


Assistant Professor
Hydrology, Metal biogeochemistry
414 SRCC
4107 O'Hara Street
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
P: 412-624-8766

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  • PhD in Geography and Environmental Engineering (2004) Johns Hopkins University

Research Areas

  • Catchment hydrology
  • Trace metal biogeochemistry
  • Urban and riparian systems
  • Fluvial geomorphology

Courses Offered

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Representative Publications

Bain, D. J., R. Hale, W. Wollheim (2012) "Ecological and Biogeochemical Dynamics in Urban Settings - Lessons From Long-Term Ecological Research", Elements. 8 (6), 435-438

Bain, D. J., M. Green, J. Campbell, J. Chamblee, S. Chaoka, J. Fraterrigo, S. Kaushal, S. Martin, T. Jordan, T. Parolari, W. Sobczak, D. Weller, W. Wollheim, E. Boose, J. Duncan, G. Gettel, B. Hall, P. Kumar, J. Thompson, J. Vose, E. Elliott, D. Leigh (2012) "Legacies in Material Flux: Structural Changes Pre-Date Long-term Studies", BioScience 62(6): 575-584

Bain, D. J., I. D. Yesilonis, R. V. Pouyat, (2012) "Metal Concentrations in Urban Riparian Sediments Along an Urbanization Gradient",Biogeochemistry 107: 67-79

Bain, D. J., J. A. Arrigo, M. B. Green, B. Pellerin, C. Vörösmarty (2011) "Historical legacies and contemporary water science and management",Water, 3(2):566-575

Bain, D. J., S. M. Smith, and G.N. Nagle (2008) "Reservations about Mill Dam Findings", Science. 321(5891), 910