Josef Werne


Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
505 SRCC
4107 O'Hara Street
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
P: 412-624-8775
Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD in Geological Sciences, 2000 Northwestern University

Research Areas

  • Organic & Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry
  • Paleolimnology
  • Sulfur Biogeochemistry
  • Microbial Biogeochemistry & Geobiology

Courses Offered

Representative Publications

* denotes student/postdoc author

Berke*, M.A., T.C. Johnson, J.P. Werne, D. Livingston, K. Grice, S. Schouten, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté (2014) Characterization of the last deglacial transition in tropical East Africa: Insights from Lake Albert, Africa. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. v. 409 pp. 1-8.

Berke*, M.A., T.C. Johnson, J.P. Werne, S. Schouten, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté (2012) A mid-Holocene thermal maximum at the end of the African Humid Period. Earth & Planetary Science Letters v. 351-351, pp. 95-104.

Woltering*, M., J.P. Werne, J.L. Kish*, R. Hicks, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté, S. Schouten (2012) Vertical and temporal variability of Crenarchaeota in Lake Superior and the implications for the application of the TEX86temperature proxy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta v. 87, pp. 136-153.

Zigah*, P.K., E.C. Minor, J.P. Werne, S.L. McCallister (2011) Radiocarbon and stable-carbon isotopic insights into provenance and cycling of carbon in Lake Superior. Limnology & Oceanography. v. 56, pp. 867-886.

Fawcett, P., J.P. Werne, R. Anderson, J. Heikoop, E. Brown, M. Berke*, S. Smith, F. Goff, L. Hurley, M. Cisneros-Dozal, S. Schouten, J. Sinninghe Damsté, Y. Huang, J. Toney, J. Fessenden, G. WoldeGabriel, V. Atudorei, J. Geissman, C. Allen (2011) Extended Megadroughts in the Southwestern United States during Pleistocene Interglacials. Nature. v. 470, pp. 518-521.

Powers*, L., J.P. Werne, A.J. Vanderwoude*, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté, E.C. Hopmans, S. Schouten (2010) Applicability and calibration of the TEX86 paleothermometer in lakes. Organic Geochemistry, v. 41, pp. 404-413.

Werne, J.P., T.W. Lyons, D.J. Hollander, S. Schouten, E.C. Hopmans, and J.S. Sinninghe Damsté (2008) Investigating pathways of diagenetic organic matter sulfurization using compound-specific sulfur isotope analysis.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 72, pp. 3489-3502.

Donahue*, M., J.P. Werne, C. Meile, T.W. Lyons (2008) Modeling the effects of fractionation and differential diffusion on the sulfur isotope signature of sulfate reduction in Cariaco Basin sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. v. 72, pp. 2287-2297.

Castañeda*, I., Werne, J.P., Johnson, T.C. (2007) Wet/arid phases in the southeast African tropics since the Last Glacial Maximum. Geology v. 35 no 9, pp. 823-826.

Powers*, L., Werne, J.P., Johnson, T.C., Hopmans, E.C., Sinninghe Damste, J.S.S., and Schouten, S. (2004) Crenarchaeotal membrane lipids in lake sediments: a new paleotemperature proxy for continental paleoclimate reconstruction? Geology, v. 32, no. 7, p. 613-616.

Werne, J.P., M. Baas, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté (2002) Molecular isotopic tracing of carbon flow and trophic relationships in a methane-supported microbial community.  Limnology & Oceanography v. 46 no. 6, p. 1694-1701.

Werne, J.P., B.B. Sageman, T.W. Lyons, and D.J. Hollander (2002) An integrated assessment of a "type euxinic" deposit: Evidence for multiple controls on black shale deposition in the middle Devonian Oatka Creek Formation. American Journal of Science, v. 302, pp. 110-143.

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