Irene Wallrich


Irene Wallrich
208 Thaw Hall
4107 O'Hara Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260



Irene Wallrich is a PhD student researching with Dr. Rosemary Capo in the Department of Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the environmental impacts, and recycling potential, of energy byproducts. She is currently working on a project to quantify how fluid-rock interactions between clay minerals and acid mine drainage (AMD) affects alkalinity. Prior to returning to schoo,l Irene worked as the Communications & Northern Coordinator for the Utah Clean Cities Coalition (UCCC). At UCCC she developed a robust communication network with the community, and among stakeholders to expand alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle use in Utah. In this capacity Irene collaborated with agencies, businesses and organizations at the local, state and federal level to promote clean air strategies related to transportation. Over the last decade, she has had the opportunity to teach individuals of all ages and backgrounds, in a myriad of settings, about the environment and how their behavior impacts that system. Upon completing her doctorate degree her goal is to continue this work as an energy policy and environmental education collaborator. Irene holds a Master’s of Science and Technology in Environmental Science from the University of Utah, and a Bachelor’s Degree in the Geological Sciences from SUNY Geneseo.