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It is with great sorrow to announce the passing of our alumnus, Mr. Frank Benecquista.  In Memory of our MS Alumnus Mr. Frank Benecquista.

In late October, 2017, three current members of the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) drove down from Cleveland to visit the ANSMET founder, Emeritus Professor Bill Cassidy, at his home in Monroeville.  From left to right, Dr. James Karner (10 field seasons in Antarctica), crevasse expert John Schutt (37), Cassidy (17), and Pitt alumni Dr. Ralph Harvey (PhD, 1990, 25 field seasons) have almost 90 field seasons!  These four rank as the four most ANSMET field seasons in the 40 years of the program.

Dolly Chavez our receptionist, purchaser, and travel coordinator for 17 years retired January 2016.

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