Past AGU Alumni Gatherings

1st Annual Alumni Gathering 2015 in San Francisco!

Back row from left to right Krissy Hopkins (PhD 2014), Janine Krippner (current PhD student), Kevin Reath (PhD 2016), Nadine McQuarrie (current faculty), Bobby Karimi (PhD 2014), and Aubrey Hillman (PhD 2015).

From left to right Janine Krippner (current PhD student) and Cheryl Hapke (BS 1985).

Back row from left to right Broxton Bird (PhD 2009), Sergio Contreras (postdoc 2014), Dan Bain (current faculty), Michelle Gilmore (MS 2014), Rob Rossi (current PhD student), Erin Pfeil-McCullough (current PhD student), and Mark Abbott (current faculty).

3rd Annual AGU Alumni Gathering 2017 in D.C.

4th Annual Alumni Gathering 2018 in San Francisco