GEOL 1309 Physiochemical and Geological Limnology

Subject: GEOL
Catalog Number: 1309
Number of Credits: 3

This course will examine the physical, chemical, and geological aspects of inland waters (lakes, reservoirs, rivers, springs, and wetlands). Specifically, the course will examine the origin and evolution of lakes, the physicochemical properties of fresh and saline waters, watershed hydrology, and the biogeochemical cycling of major elements and nutrients. The course will also explore long-term impacts of human populations on aquatic systems, lake and reservoir management and restoration, and sediment records from lake sites.Offered alternate years during Spring term. Lecture 3 hours.

Course prerequisites

CHEM 0110 and either GEOL 0055 or GEOL 0800 or instructor's consent. [EG EEG EES]

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