GEOL 2054 Soils: Geobiochemical Landscapes

Subject: GEOL
Catalog Number: 2054
Number of Credits: 4

Geobiochemical Landscapes serves as an introductory overview to soil science, providing a foundation for subsequent advanced work in chemical weathering, interpretation of paleosols, etc. Lectures will provide a fundamental understanding of soil formation, the resulting chemical and physical properties of these soils, and the interactions of soil with coupled geological, biological, and chemical systems. This course will emphasize the role of soil in earth systems at the landscape scale and include practical exercises in site and soil evaluation. Lab and field components will embrace Pittsburgh as a laboratory and may include exercises such as field soil mapping, chemical analyses of soils, and/or modeling of soil formation and hydrology. Students will be expected to prepare presentations and written documents as part of course participation. Some GIS experience will be helpful. Undergraduates are welcome with permission from the instructor.Offered alternate years during fall term. Lecture, 3 hours; field work, 3 hours.