GEOL 2461 - Advance Remote Sensing

Subject: GEOL
Catalog Number: 2461
Number of Credits: 3

This course is offered in conjunction with the introduction to remote sensing (geol-1460) - this course provides a foundation in the theory and techniques of remote sensing and geospatial data visualization spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from the ultraviolet to microwave wavelength region. Topics will include light/matter interaction, optics and sensor design, image analysis using commercial software, as well as current applications of remote sensing to science and engineering problems. The course and integrated image-processing laboratory are designed to provide you with an appreciation of current remote sensing issues, the geologic and human processes that impact remotely-gathered data, and how those processes can be measured using remote sensing. students taking this course will participate in an independent research project involving remote sensing theory/data analysis. Students with no prior remote sensing background will also be required to participate in the geol-1460 lecture and computer labs.

Course prerequisites

PLAN: Geology and Planetary Science(PHD or MS) or Geographical Information Sys(MS)