Environmental Science (BS)

Environmental science is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on documenting the impacts that people have on our environment, on reducing the harmful effects of these impacts, and on restoring aspects of the environment to benefit both nature and people.  This program focuses on air, water, and the Earth’s solid surface, and it includes an emphasis on their interactions with life.

One goal of this program is to give you the skills and know-how to actually fix things.  Careers range from the assessment, remediation, and protection of air and water resources to the restoration of disturbed landscapes to helping to ensure that major industries comply with environmental regulations (either by working for the industry itself or a government agency).  In addition, this program provides fine intellectual training in the tradition of a liberal arts education, which means that you will also be well-qualified to get the jobs on offer at Pitt’s career fairs.

There is considerable potential overlap with a geology degree.  In short, if you like rocks, mountains, and the Earth’s long history, do geology and pick classes with an environmental focus.  If you don’t like rocks, pick environmental science!


Explore the links at right to learn what you need to know to pick your major and plan out your undergraduate career.  It is important to do this before you meet your advisor because you are really the best person to chart out your future.  You do NOT have to declare you major before coming to meet the environmental science advisor:  

Charlie Jones
503 SRCC Building (attached to Thaw Hall)