Internships and Jobs

The best way to get and internship or job in the Earth sciences is to attend the monthly meetings of one or more of the following organizations:

These meetings feature a happy hour, dinner, and a formal lecture. The happy hour and dinner provide excellent opportunities to introduce yourself to random geoscientists and ask them about who they work for, what they do, and any advice they might have for you. If someone seems pretty interesting, ask them whether they might offer an internship. Instead of giving them a resume, make up business cards that give your name, major, expected graduation date, contact info, and that you are interested in an internship or, if the time is right, a full-time job. If “Interested in an Internship” is printed on the card, it will help remind them once they are back in the office to think about getting an internship set up and approved by the upper level management.

Pitt's Career Fairs and the Office of CDPA

Pitt also holds a several career fairs each year; each fall they feature one that focuses on people interested in science and engineering.  For full details on these career fairs, visit Pitt's Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance (CDPA).  Their web page features a calendar of upcoming events (you may have to scroll down to find it).  Visiting them in person is a great way to get tips on your resume, applying for jobs, and other useful advice.  The career fairs and the Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance are the best way to get jobs outside of the environmental sciences.