Field Camps


Field Camps | Internships | Study Abroad
Field camp is a core requirement of the Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies.
A variety of field camps, including the Yellowstone Field Camp (0740) and the Pymatuning Ecology course, is available. Field course information can be reviewed on a database in the coordinator’s office
Students are also encouraged to pursue internships to supplement classroom instruction. Internships may lead to permanent employment, supportive references, and enhanced opportunities. Environmental studies students may review internship opportunities through the ES coordinator.
Students in the Environmental Studies Program are encouraged to meet with the coordinator during their sophomore or junior year to discuss field camp and internship opportunities.
"After taking environmental studies in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a bachelor's degree. The environmental studies major is excellent because it combines all of the natural and physical sciences. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Yellowstone National Park the summer after my sophomore year. The program is small enough where you get to know everyone, but big enough that you will always gain a variety of experiences."
Ashley Boyd
Senior, Environmental Studies