Additional Facilities

Clean Room, a clean chemistry laboratory is housed within a positive-pressure space with filtration at the 95% level
Contact: Capo or Stewart



Organic geochemistry facility with 20 linear feet of fume hood space for wet chemical preparation (extraction and separations) of samples for molecular analysis.

Microbial denitrification sample preparation facility, biogeochemical laboratory houses for nitrate isotope sample preparation. Contact: Elliott 

Sediment preparation facility housing equipment for the routine analysis of sediment cores and environmental samples, including an automated magnetic susceptibility track and ME2EI sensor and a Accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon sample preparation line. Contact: Abbott

Mineral and rock preparation facility including mineral separation equipment (motorized sieves and magnetic separators) and ball mills, jaw crushers, and rocks saws. Contact: McQuarrie

GIS and Remote Sensing Computing Facility research computing facility equipped with most major software packages (ArcGIS, RSI ENVI/IDL, ERDAS Imagine, and ERMapper). Contact: Harbert or Ramsey

Microscope room

Image Visualization and Infrared Spectroscopy (IVIS) Laboratory houses a Nicolet Nexus 670 FTIR spectrometer and field equipment including a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) S40 thermal camera, a visible/infrared ASD field spectrometer, a Trimble differential GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS unit with two Laser Tech 3-D profiling systems, and  an Exotech hand-held radiometer. Contact: Ramsey

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Shared Research Support Services provides efficient and standardized access to all Dietrich School research facilities for faculty and graduate and post-doctoral students. Contact: Pete Chambers, SRSS Director