Geology (BS)

Geology is a multidisciplinary science that seeks to understand how the Earth works. We have traditionally focused on the solid Earth (rocks, mountain melts, volcanoes etc.) as well as the history of life (paleontology). In recent decades we have become increasingly concerned with the history of Earth's climate and with the impact that people have had on our environment. The geosciences thus encompass everything from the atmosphere to the oceans to the Earth’s surface to its crust, mantle and core. With the on-going Mars, asteroid, and comet missions, it is also a nice time to be a planetary geologist.

Prospective majors should know that geology is a rigorous science that blends the best of physics, chemistry, and math with the venerable tradition of going into the field to see how nature actually works. Careers in geology range from environmental work to the assessment and protection of water resources to geological engineering (working with civil engineers) to oil and natural gas exploration to government regulatory, hazards, and resource work to academic research. In addition, geology provides fine intellectual training in the tradition of a liberal arts education, which means that you will be well-qualified to get many of the general jobs on offer at Pitt’s regular career fairs. Being a geology major does NOT restrict you to a career in geology!


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    Dr. Charles Jones
    503 S.R.C.C. Building

    If you are in the building, please feel free to drop by his office. Otherwise contact Dr. Jones to make an appointment.