All Dietrich Arts and Sciences' undergraduates require a minimum of 120 passing credits to graduate, a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00, and completion of all General Education classes ("gen eds"). In addition, students must fulfill required classes (including internships and field experiences/camps) for at least one major. Each student is responsible for tracking registration appointments, required classes, credits, general education courses, and graduation deadlines.

Students apply for graduation in the term before graduation. Deadlines to apply for graduation should be found at the Dietrich School Undergraduate Calendar link in the Resources box of the Dietrich School Undergraduate Studies page. The application forms are found in the Student Records Office (140 Thackeray Hall), and you can find a link to the Graduation Application form here. Student Records will also know the deadlines to apply for graduation.

Attending the University Graduation Ceremony

In the month prior to April graduation, check Graduation Central, which should appear on Pitt's home page, for information about tickets and regalia. Candidates for graduation are encouraged to appear in person at commencement, usually held the Sunday after the spring term ends (and four days before final grades are assigned). The ceremony for December graduation usually takes place at the conclusion of fall finals and takes place in Soldiers and Sailors Hall.

No undergraduates receive their diplomas at these graduation ceremonies because Student Records (and your advisors) need the time to certify everyone for graduation.  Instead, all undergraduate diplomas are mailed to students approximately four weeks after the official certification date for each graduation period.

Attending the Department Graduation Party

We hope that you will attend the Department graduation party even if you decide to not attend the University's graduation ceremony.  It is normally held in the afternoon after the main graduation ceremony has let out.  Arrive early for the best snacks.  You and your family/significant others should get an invitation to our party; if you do not, please contact your advisor!