Transferring in Credits

General Transfer Issues

All credit transfers are handled by Student Records over in 140 Thackeray Hall. However, there are several issues that can be resolved by your advisor.

First, it is worth knowing that classes with titles that closely match Pitt classes tend to transfer in for these classes. In addition, Student Records maintains lists of equivalent classes from many schools from which we commonly get students.

If a class you took elsewhere did not transfer in as a Pitt class, but it is very similar to a Pitt class, it is likely that you can get it to count for that Pitt class. If this class is offered by Geology and Environmental Science, please see your advisor. If it was offered by another department, please visit Student Records (140 Thackeray Hall) with a course description and syllabus in hand. They will consult with the appropriate people.

Second, although your advisor has no sway over what counts for the General Education Requirements, we do may be able to approve transfer classes for your major. For example, if you took a class in ore geology, which we do not offer, we can count this as an elective even though Pitt will only count it as generic geology credits. Talk to your advisor!

Transferring in a Geology Summer Field Camp

There are only two things you need to do to transfer in your summer field camp credits:

1. Get the “REQUEST TO TAKE COURSES OFF CAMPUS IN THE SUMMER” form signed by your advisor. Copies of the form are in the bin right outside Dr. Jones’ office (503 SRCC), or you can download a copy from the Student Records Forms Page:  Click on the Summer Course Approval Form.

2. Arrange with the registrar of the university that runs the field camp to have an official transcript mailed directly to:

Student Records
140 Thackeray Hall
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260