Welcome Post-Doc Dr. Maria Garcia to the Department!

As a paleoclimatologist I have worked with different paleorecords, such as fossil corals from New Caledonia, using their Oxygen isotopes, Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca ratios to reconstruct paleo sea-surface conditions and paleoprecipitation during the mid-Holocene. I also worked with Oxygen isotope studies inspeleothem records from caves located in northeastern Peruvian Andes to reconstruct the paleoprecipitation during the late Glacial and Holocene periods and understand how the South American Summer Monsoon variability and its interaction with other climatological patterns in the past may have affected the eastern Andes where we find the tributaries of the Amazon River. I am mostly interested in how we can combine different paleorecords to understand environmental variability, and the teleconnections that explain these changes. Currently, I am working with ostracods from lakes in the northwestern USA and central Peruvian Andes.