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Rosemary Capo
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Dr. Capo received her B.S. and M.S. in Geology from the University of Texas and Ph.D. in Geochemistry from UCLA, with a focus on strontium isotope stratigraphy.  She has over 25 years experience in the analysis of natural and produced waters, mineral, soil, and environmental samples, including four years as a postdoctoral researcher and research scientist at the California Institute of Technology and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dr. Capo’s research integrates field, micromorphological and petrographic analysis with geochemical and isotopic analysis to understand terrestrial processes

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Dr. Capo’s current and previous studies involve: cation cycling in soil-vegetation systems; chemical evolution of the oceans and deep basin brines, carbonate diagenesis and pedogenesis; geochemical evolution of acid mine drainage, terrestrial weathering and paleosol formation, sources of dissolved solids in groundwater, evolution of Marcellus Shale produced waters, and physicochemical effects of hydraulic fracturing fluids on shale.

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Matecha, R.M.*, Xiong, W., Heck, W.F. †, Stewart, B.W., Capo, R.C., Hakala, J.A. (2022) Experimental investigation of barium sources and fluid-rock interaction in unconventional Marcellus Shale wells using Ba isotopes. Energy & Fuels 36, 4470-4478.

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  • Benjamin Hedin
  • Irene Wallrich
  • Matthew Dieterich
  • Samantha Pfister
  • Courtney Kolesar Kohl
  • James Gardiner
  • Elizabeth C. Chapman
  • Sherry L. Stafford
  • Lara Homsey
  • Candace L. Kairies
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  • Gregory Ayres

Classes taught include:

GEOL 0800 Geology     

Offered every Fall and Spring Term.  Lecture, 1 hours; recitation, 1 hour


GEOL 1001 Mineralogy

Offered every Fall Term.  Lecture, 1 hour, Lab 3 hours


GEOL 3908, 3953  Topics in Geology, Topics in Geochemistry

Courses focused on a range of topics of interest to students and the research community.  Recent topics include shale gas exploration, the application of metal stable isotopes, geochemical tracers for weathering, and the evolution of Earth’s earliest atmosphere.  Combination of lectures, readings, and student-led discussions.

Offered Fall or Spring Term, Lecture, 3 hours