Registering for Classes

Each semester Pitt places an advising hold on every undergraduate's account in order to compel students to see their advisor.  We are, apparently, a bitter pill.

What to bring to your advising appointment

For most things you are your own best advisor.  Thus, you should make a semester-by-semester plan that lays out the classes that you intend to take over your remaining time at Pitt.  Bring this plan with you to your advising appointment, along with any questions you might have.  Also, be sure to check out the advice that we have placed on these undergraduate pages so you can ask any specific questions you may have about scholarships, internships, graduate school, etc.

Undergraduate Advisors

If you are getting a BS in Geology or Environmental Science, please see:

Dr. Charles E. Jones
503 SRCC Building

If you are getting a BA in Environmental Studies, please see:

Dr. Danielle Andrews-Brown
202 SRCC Building

If you are getting a BS in Environmental Science, please see:

          Dr. Kyle Whittinghill
          216 SRCC Building

For questions related to the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, please see:

Dr. William Harbert
​504 SRCC Building