About the Department

Our undergraduate and graduate students gain a strong foundation across the geosciences. Areas of specialization may include environmental and isotope geochemistry, applied geophysics and tectonics, paleoclimatology, planetary science, remote sensing and GIS, volcanology, and human-environmental interactions.


2nd Annual Alumni Gathering

Held at the AGU Conference in San Francisco. View for additional details.

Welcome Post-Doc Dr. Sophie B. Lehman to the Department!

We welcome Dr. Sophie B. Lehman, Post-Doc, who will be working with Dr. Mark Abbott.

MEXIDRILL: The Basin of Mexico Drilling Program

This project will recover a ~350 m lacustrine sedimentary sequence from the Basin of Mexico, on the southern outskirts of Mexico City. These sediments have the potential to provide a record of North American climate for the past >500,000 years. This unique climate archive could become the "type sequence" for paleoclimate studies in the Americas. The Basin of Mexico is well suited for reconstruction and investigation of interannual through orbital-scale variations in the North American monsoon and hydrologic variations of the neotropics.

Welcome Our New Assistant Professor Dr. Brian Thomas!

Dr. Brian Thomas will be joining our department as an Assistant Professor in Geoscience and Water Sustainability.  Please help us in making him feel welcome!