About the Department

The fields of Geology and Environmental Science include the interdisciplinary study of the physical, chemical, and biological (particularly human) processes operating from the core of the Earth to the top of the atmosphere and further, beyond to other planets.

The Department is fundamentally interdisciplinary, but is loosely organized around six research areas:  

  1. Tectonic, Volcanic, and Surface processes
  2. Planetary Science and Astrobiology
  3. Paleoclimate and Environmental Change
  4. Environmental Geochemistry & Biogeochemistry
  5. Energy Geosciences
  6. Hydrologic Processes. 

We offer undergraduate degrees in Geology (BS), Environmental Science (BS), and Environmental Studies (BA), as well as certificates in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Sustainability. In addition, we offer graduate study in Geology & Environmental Science leading to the MS or PhD degrees, as well as a professional MS in GIS and Remote Sensing.