Dr. Brian Thomas' GRL Paper Highlighted in EOS!

The Research Spotlight highlighting Dr. Thomas' paper, "Global Assessment of Groundwater Sustainability Based On Storage Anomalies" has been placed in the research spotlight on EOS.  The goal of this research was to incorporate monthly changes of storage into an evaluation of groundwater sustainability in the largest and most productive global aquifers.  Whereas previous methods used a linear trend to quantify changes in groundwater storage, this research applied well-known performance indicators to remotely-sensed observations from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites to quantify sustainability metrics.

Distinguished Alumni Mr. William Zagorski

We were honored to present our 2nd Annual Distinguished Alumni award to Mr. William Zagorski!  Mr. Zagorski is considered “the Father of the Marcellus Shale” for his initial work in applying hydraulic fracturing to the Marcellus, and he has worked in many other basins as well.  Mr. Zagorski received his B.S. in Geology from Pitt in 1979, and his M.S. in 1992 in Geology at Pitt, working with Dr. Tom Anderson. Congratulations to Mr. William Zagorski!

4th Annual AGU Alumni Gathering!

Catch up with alumni, current students, and faculty at the fourth annual AGU alumni gathering this December in Washington, D.C.!

Wiley's first "Impact-a-thon" Winning Team!

Postdoctoral Associate, Dr. Patrick Shirey helped facilitate a workshop on science communication at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting in August. While participating as part of the winning team in Wiley's first "Impact-a-thon" for a $7,500 grant toward improving science communication. His team proposed a project to increase diversity within the fisheries profession through engaging high school students through a pilot project that could be continued on an annual basis, described below and on the blog.

NASA FDL Summer Research

Check out our NASA FDL superstar, Molly O’Beirne – Ph.D. Student, who spent the summer completing cutting edge research with NASA FDL, the SETI Institute, and Google Cloud.  Check out 1:52:31 to hear about the Astrobiology Team 2 research group!

Dr. Mike Ramsey is Feauterd on NASA Earth Data Site!

Who uses NASA Earth science data? Dr. Mike Ramsey, for developing new ways to study active volcanoes and to provide data to support emergency response.

2018 AGU Section Awardees - Dr. Emily Elliott

Dr. Emily Elliott was honored with the Biogeosciences Section Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring!

Congrats to Dr. Werne and Dr. McQuarrie!

Both Dr. Josef Werne and Dr. Nadine McQuarrie received notice they were elected Fellows of the Geological Society of America. They will be formally announced in the July GSA Today, as well as at the Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony at the GSA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on November 4. 

Congratulation to the Graduating Class of 2018!

We are excited to see our graduating class of 2018 head into their new adventures!

2018 Sustainability Award Ceremony

Be sure to view all the photos here.

4th Annual Student Research Poster Session

The Department's 4th Annual Student Research Poster Session was a success!  A big thanks to Marja Copeland and Angela Chung for organizing the event!

2018 Elizabeth Baranger Teaching Award Winner!

Congratulations to graduate student Becky Forgrave on winning the 2018 Elizabeth Baranger Teaching Award Nomination!